Mindfulness is based on the foundation that many thoughts are completely meaningless, they are opinions not facts.

Thoughts often repeat over and over again and the more they repeat, the more we tend to believe them. This sets off a whole new chain of related thoughts making you feel even worse.

What Mindfulness does is bring your attention back to the present.

Trying to fight, ignore or control anxious thoughts and feelings is paying them too much attention. Try to observe anxious thoughts and feelings like an outsider. Notice how when you don’t try to control negative thoughts they soon fade, it’s when you engage in them that you get stuck and the anxiety increases.

Beginning the meditation pay attention to how your body feels, notice your breathing and try to breathe more slowly and deeply. Notice the ever changing emotions and thoughts that go through your head. If you get stuck on a negative thought come back to the present moment in time.

At first your mind will go back to negative thoughts and concerns but each time you bring your focus back to the present you are reinforcing a new mental habit and it is this that will enable you to break free of the negative worry cycle. I want you to observe your worries (the way you feel about yourself) and let them go.

I hope I have explained the Mindfulness Technique sufficiently to give you a good basic knowledge. You may find the initial attempts of meditating hard going but please persevere. You will be surprised at how quickly you can begin to retrain your mind thus putting you back in control.

Below are two websites. The first is the Mind link to Mindfulness, the second recorded meditation instructions for you to listen to. Please try the first meditation of five minutes and see how you feel afterwards.



 Change the way you think to change the way you feel.