Time to Relax

Time to Relax

Firstly, either sitting or standing, turn your head as far as you can to the right as possible and notice the furthest object in the room that you can see clearly.

Now go through the following exercise.

“The Monkey”

Hold the rest of your body still; raise your shoulders as high as possible towards you ears. Raise and drop them three times.

“The Giraffe”

Now, holding the rest of your body still, turn your head slowly from left to right. Stretch your neck as far as you can whilst turning your head. Do this three times.

“The Eagle”

Now slowly raise your arms to the side and to shoulder level, turn your palms up and move your arms slightly back to push shoulder blades closer together. Don’t let your arms go too far back.

Now turn your head to the right again and see whether you can observe past the object in the room you primarily noted.

If so you were too tense. Remember this exercise and practice it when you feel a stiffness in your neck and shoulders or when you are feeling tense.


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